Becc H

I’m Becc, I am a mum to four amazing humans and run a full time beauty and healing business. I have always had a deep passion for self development which has taken me through many experiences and modalities. Breathwork, meditation and becoming a part of the Cool 2 Be Conscious family has been by far the most expansive catalyst for me to create the life I’m here to live both internally and externally. 

I have experienced significant trauma throughout my life, the most impactful being the sudden death of my older sister in a car accident when I was 17 followed by a string of     physically and emotionally abusive relationships. I began to question the patterns I was experiencing which at times triggered extreme stress, anxiety, overwhelm & repeated reminders of loss, abandonment and heartbreak. 

I discovered breathwork in late 2020 after a long path of healing had started to really intensify. I can hand on heart say this was the start of the most transformative period of my life and each time I experience or witness the power of the breath I am more and more in awe. 

By releasing stored trauma in my body and subconscious mind and tapping into crystal clear insight of what I truly am at my essence, I have become more present with myself, my family and those around me as well as tapping into effortless intuition which has guided me to step onto my highest path. The breath has allowed me the ability to switch my nervous system from overwhelm to calm even in challenging environments or influences and accept myself and others with less judgment and more unconditional love. 

The breath is a gift and I deeply believe it is part of my purpose to share this gift with others as well as support and nurture the ongoing journey of those who are ready to step into becoming their most authentic self and live their best possible experience unapologetically! 

Sending out heart filled love and excitement to connect & grow with you all xx  



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