David L

A C2BC Facilitator currently living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast!
My curiosity about Breathwork & Meditation was born when I was journeying in the wild South Africa bush, pursuing a childhood dream of becoming a Safari Nature Guide.

Prior to leaving for Africa, I had spent my teenage years in a constant state of anxiety and purposelessness. Always looking for external fulfilment wherever I could - be it through drinking, drugs or football.
In South Africa, it took a harsh realisation that I was STILL looking externally for fulfilment, despite living the life I had dreamt of since childhood.

It was time to start looking inward, and that’s when I discovered the breath. The defining moment of my life. The moment I evolved as a human.
Kinder, calmer, sharper.
I had discovered something special, and now I’m just super passionate about opening up the opportunity for other young peeps to experience the simple tools that so drastically helped me overcome the struggles that I lived with for so many years!

You can catch me for private Breathwork sessions, my Cool Calm Collective 1-day Experiences or at Alex Headlands facilitating the C2BC Sunday Stillness sessions!

Big love! 



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