Emma K

Hey guys, I’m Emma. 

If you had met me 12 months ago, you would have found an anxious, codependent and highly-strung individual. As a young woman who grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, I hold a deep empathy and compassion for those who believe society when it tells us that our comfort and safety lie outside of ourselves - just a relationship, job or piece of clothing away. 

Through a profound journey, and the support and training of Ru & Ry, I have experienced deep personal healing through the breath. It has birthed within me a purpose and passion to guide others into a life of their choosing - one that is conscious, free and wildly fulfilling. 

Breath work is a tool that will enhance and compliment your life - should you be willing to open yourself to it. Let me ask you - are your behaviours a way to escape life, rather than celebrate and honour it? Do you find yourself to be the victim of turbulent emotions, rather than the master of them? If the answer is yes, on whatever scale, to breathe would be a worthy investment. 

The C2BC modality is realistic and sustainable. No longer is healing a far-off land gained only through hours spent in downward dog. It is to be accessed here and now - right at our fingertips through the breath. I do not ask that you trade in the pleasure’s of life. I simply ask that you be willing to let go of fear and limitation. The peace you gain will be well worth the trade. 

Are you game? Come and breathe with me, come on home. 

Em :) 



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