Hannah O

My name is Hannah. I’m 27, born & raised in Ireland but have been living in Melbourne since 2018. 

I was initially drawn to breathwork as part of my own healing journey, however having seen the profound impact it had on me I felt the pull to share this amazing tool with others.

My mission is to help others connect to their true selves, so they can live life from their heart instead of their minds.

I pride myself in having a trauma-informed approach to breathwork. Trauma is something we all face at some point in our lives and can be the main reason many of us feel stuck, disconnected or lost in life. Breathwork is a powerful tool that allows energy from these events to be processed and released while also aiding in the regulation of the nervous system. This has personally helped me with my struggles of social anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

Breathwork has reconnected me to the power of love, connection and community. It also reminded me of how truly powerful each one of us are instinctively.

I’m beyond excited to connect with you & help you on your journey of remembering too!




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