Kia ora, my name is Jacob and have been on the self development path for 6 years now. I discovered breath work through an incredible man named Wim Hof, seeing him complete what at the time were thought of as “impossible” feats by utilising his breath and the power of his mind, I was hooked right away.

Growing up I struggled with anxiety and depression throughout a lot of my teenage years which left me feeling stuck, lost and powerless. Along with having two relatives suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), it lit an internal fire in me to discover just how truly powerful we are, which has led me to this very point as a qualified breath work facilitator.

Breath work was such an incredible tool to integrate into my life, as the breath has the ability to take one wherever they need to go with such ease, love and clarity. For me it wasn’t until I healed certain areas of my past, forgiving myself and others and stepping out of my victim mentality, I was then able to make room for more creative ideas and visions of my future that would light me up.

I now run the GC C2BC stillness every Sunday in Burleigh, where we get numbers of up to 130+ beautiful humans each week, tuning with themselves as I guide them through the infamous stillness flow.

Breath work and meditation has gifted me the awareness to understand that there is more to myself and this universe than meets the eye. It has allowed me to step into the most powerful and loving version of myself, rewiring my subconscious mind and exposing limiting beliefs that kept me in the past or fearful of the future. I now feel so driven and excited to share these amazing modalities far and wide, so that each person can experience the same kind of benefits that they have assisted me with on my journey. We are all innately similar, and deserve to stop and take a few breaths or be in stillness whenever we need to.

I look forward to meeting/reconnecting with you on this beautiful journey.

Contact me on Instagram @jacob_major



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