Kate M

I’m Kate Minto, 38 years old. A New Zealander at heart, born and raised on the east coast of the north island of Aotearoa. 

Breathwork has played a huge part in my healing journey. It has allowed me to reconnect back into my body, be present, become less anxious, less depressed and ambivalent. 

It has ignited my awareness of the power of connection, community and greater consciousness. The journey through my own adversity has been vast and long yet this path has given a whole new meaning and purpose forward for me.

I work to support individuals daily with a diverse range of abilities. I am a writer, a gardener, a creator and I love to walk long distances through the wilderness.

I am passionate about inclusion, connection, recovery and my "why" is to encourage people to express who they truly are now, feel worthy and assist in who they are yet to become. 

I am so excited to connect with you and be a part of your journey forward. 

Let the inner child run wild. 

Big love 



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