Maria F

My name is Maria. I am 44 years old, mother of three. I have a PhD in Marine Science and have taught marine conservation/restoration and ecology for a decade. I first learnt about Breathwork in January 2019 when I started practicing the Wim Hoff method every morning. 

After an incident in 2020, when I blacked out caused by severe anxiety, a friend told me about Cool 2be Conscious and invited me to join one Sunday Stillness event with Ru and Ryan. That day was the first day of my new journey! I started to research meditation, human performance, breathwork and how it impacts our mental and physical health. Breathwork has been a daily practice in my life since then. I find it gives me clarity to manage my thoughts and emotions in a sustainable and loving manner. 

I am here to support individuals to be more conscious of their bodies and their minds… to be their own explorers; like explorers of the deep blue ocean. I am here to facilitate the journey within, which will, in turn, unlock the potential
energy stored in each individual body that leads to healthier daily choices, and more sustainable ways of interacting with one another and nature.



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