Skye W

Hi, I'm Skye. 
In my short but sweet years on this planet, taking steps to launch my growth journey and become a more embodied version of myself and mother has been one of the best things I've ever chosen, and it has landed me right here, connecting with you. 
Supporting others through holistic healing lights my soul and fills my body with the energy of excitement, joy, and passion. Breathwork was one of the first healing modalities that really allowed me to feel in full control of my body and my mind. Using the breath has gifted me the awareness of that power within, knowing that my brain is influenced by the thoughts that I am choosing to create. 
I am on this expansive journey through breathwork and excited to share this gift with you, showing you your own innate ability to support and uplift yourself and those around you through simple, intentional breathing practices and techniques.  
I am excited to assist you with this and have fun, as you step into being a more conscious, connected human being creating a big, beautiful life ahead. 



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