Welcome Divine Beings.

My name is  Somer and I'm 28 years of age.


My journey started as a young child, riddled with anxiety and depression masked by humour and over compensating for love and affection in all my relationships.


My journey has lead me to becoming a mother of 2, pregnant at 17, experiencing domestic violence, addictions and attempted suicide.


What I once deemed unworthy, underserving and unlovable became the real awakening from within and the curiosity to start questioning

my own feelings, habits and beliefs.


I believe pain is the portal for healing.

And my passion is to help turn pain into power, darkness into light and doubt into unwavering self belief through breath, meditation, positive affirmations and self love.


Connection and community at the heart and fore front of everything I do.

I am excited to connect and cross paths with many of you 


Love & light,




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