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I’m Becc, I am a mum, a beauty therapist, energy healer and now breathwork & meditation facilitator
I have a deep passion for self development which has taken me through many experiences and modalities. 
My mission as a facilitator is to create a safe space for people to allow them to experience their body in a new and vulnerable way. I want to teach and support people the different ways they can process their emotions and release vitality and energy.
I'm passionate about assisting you to release suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs and bringing you back home to your highest, most authentic self.
Breathwork has played a huge part in my healing journey. It has allowed me to reconnect back into my body, be present, become less anxious, less depressed and ambivalent. 
On a mission to empower, align and translate healings through the breath.
Navigating my way through all life’s raw experiences I became obsessed and fascinated with the process of enhancing the mind and body through movement and breath.
Supporting others through holistic healing lights my soul and fills my body with the energy of excitement, joy, and passion. Breathwork was one of the first healing modalities that really allowed me to feel in full control of my body and my mind. Using the breath has gifted me the awareness of that power within, knowing that my brain is influenced by the thoughts that I am choosing to create. 

My name is Maria. I am 44 years old, mother of three. I have a PhD in Marine Science and have taught marine conservation/restoration and ecology for a decade. I first learnt about Breathwork in January 2019 when I started practicing the Wim Hoff method every morning. 

Hiii I’m Ash, as a young mum before finding the power of the breath. Growing up in a masculine environment, I appeared as this strong resilient woman, yet I didn’t realise the little fragile girl was screaming inside shadowed by a busy mind.
I’m an Actor and Writer from Melbourne and when I’m not doing that I want to be , connecting with as many people as possible with the goal of consciousness in mind. I’ve always been a very goal oriented person, a go getter.
Kia ora, my name is Jacob and have been on the self development path for 6 years now. I discovered breath work through an incredible man named Wim Hof, seeing him complete what at the time were thought of as “impossible” feats by utilising his breath and the power of his mind, I was hooked right away.

My name is Hannah. I’m 27, born & raised in Ireland but have been living in Melbourne since 2018. I was initially drawn to breathwork as part of my own healing journey, however having seen the profound impact it had on me I felt the pull to share this amazing tool with others.

A C2BC Facilitator currently living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast!
My curiosity about Breathwork & Meditation was born when I was journeying in the wild South Africa bush, pursuing a childhood dream of becoming a Safari Nature Guide.

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