Verity C

Hey I’m V – Verity.

On a mission to empower, align and translate healings through the breath.
Navigating my way through all life’s raw experiences I became obsessed and fascinated with the process of enhancing the mind and body through movement and breath.

Professionally a creative – who loves freedom. Interior Design was the ultimate for me, I created my own company and designed funky cafes to high rises. Until one day none of this seemed to matter, my world didn’t make sense anymore. I’d struggled with anxiety, trauma, body and food issues in the past and now to top it all off grief. Which certainly does not come with a guidebook. 

So began the healing of myself and in turn to be able to help others, I studied and became a PT, Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki, Life & Yoga Coach. Running Yoga & Surf Retreats on a tropical island quickly became my dream life.
Acknowledging our wounds and healing them, maybe the most conscious thing we can do, as hurt people hurt people. Using the breath to create this conscious connection within ourselves is the way into our subconscious, breathing through self-doubt, addictions, fears, a busy mind. Learning to reset the nervous system and release past traumas. 

Wisdom from others is crucial to experience the tools, learning to trust your intuition and ground into your breath is next level. This is where you are empowered to unlock emotions and unleash your truest version of you and trust the process of life. Excited to guide you through your breathing journey and release what is no longer serving you.

Let’s do this!

V x



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