APRIL 3rd 2023

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Called 2Be Conscious 8 Week Program

The Called 2Be Conscious program is not just a program, this is an alteration of your entire life and the way you see and interact with the world, no matter where you are in your journey.

Work with C2BC founders Ru, Ry, and expert practitioners in their fields over the 8 weeks, from anywhere in the world.

If you are feeling called to illuminate and dissolve parts of yourself that have been limiting and holding you back from living a fulfilled, energised & rewarding life, then this is for you.

Included in this program, are in our eyes the most embodied and aligned practitioners in their fields. We will all be teaching and bringing education and inspiration to you from the comfort of wherever you choose to tune in from.

We have specifically chosen these practitioners due to the experience and professionalism they bring to this space of human optimisation and self-discovery. Throughout the last three years, we have learned and attained experience and credibility through the thousands of people that have been partaking in our offerings. We are ready to bring this new level of work to not just our practitioners, but to you.

Trust that wherever you are in your journey is perfect and there’s no such thing as doing better or worse than your peers. You are here, ready to expand and absorb in your own individual way. This program will also connect you with others who are like minded and invested in self-liberation & development.

Take this opportunity to take radical ownership and responsibility, to explore yourself, to unblock, heal and purify your body & soul. This program is designed to create quantum shifts in your life from the inside out.

Called 2Be Conscious is limited to 80 spaces only. We know and understand the depths that you will be going to and have made sure that we are well equipped with integration and support systems.

Throughout the 8 week training block you will have two education and learning sessions per week as well as access to a live Q&A with the specific teacher from the week. You will also have an optional share call each week to open and listen with everyone. Throughout the 6 weeks of learning you will also explore breathwork from your own space.

All learning will be live and you will be given embodiment tasks at the end of each week to solidify learnings and understandings. We will take you through the journey of understanding blockages, patterns, stagnant energy and how we will move and break through these to enhance energetic and emotional capacity.

You will learn from three different professionals in their fields throughout the 6 week training block. There will also be two weeks of integration, making it 8 weeks in total to land and integrate into this new version of you.

- 6 weeks of learning & embodying with 2 weeks integration (8 weeks total)

- Learn from 5 embodied teachers 

- 2 x learning and education calls per week with 2 x optional (Q&A and share sessions)

- Embodiment tasks each week

- Included C2BC Note Book & Water Bottle for the journey

- Limited to 80 people

- Includes 3 compulsory live Sunday Breathwork sessions weeks 4, 5 & 6

- Online Facebook Community Group

Important Note (all sessions will be recorded and accessible if you cannot make the session times)

This Called 2Be Conscious Program is for you if you’re feeling called to create radical change, take ownership of your life, and to break patterns and behaviours in order to heal from the inside out.

Life, and the way you see the world will completely change. It’s time to cultivate vitality, self-love and transformation. We believe illness, physical disease, headaches, stress and anxiety are physical manifestations of internal inflammation, energetic stagnation and lack of self-connection. It’s time to live a healthy and connected life with your body and this world.

Let’s find equilibrium and harmony together, only you can decide if it’s time for change.

AEST TIME 1-2 hour sessions 

6:00pm Monday Education

6:00pm Wednesday Education

6:00pm Friday Live Q&A (optional)

6:00pm Sunday Share Space (optional) 

*5:00pm Sunday Breathe in Weeks 4,5,6 before Share Space 


Week 1: Overview and Intro week (Ru &Ry)

Session 1 Monday 3rd April, Education

Session 2 Wednesday 5th April, Education

Session 3 Friday 7th April, Q&A (optional)

Session 4 Sunday 11th April, Share Space (optional)

Week 2: Understanding Trauma (Holistic Psychologist, Laura)

Session 1 Monday 10th April, Education

Session 2 Wednesday 12th April, Education

Session 3 Friday 14th April, Q&A (optional)

Session 4 Sunday 16th, Share Space (optional)

Week 3: Understanding Coping Mechanisms (Addiction Expert, Drew)

Session 1 Monday 17th April, Education

Session 2 Wednesday 19th April, Education 

Session 3 Friday 21st April, Q&A (optional)

Session 4 Sunday 23rd April, Share Space (optional)

Week 4: Energetic/Emotional Awareness (Specialist, Reggie)

Session 1 Monday 24th April, Education

Session 2 Wednesday 26th April, Education

Session 3 Friday 28th April, Q&A (optional)

Session 4 Sunday 30th April, Breathe 5:00pm AEST into Share Space

Week 5: Summarising Topics (Laura, Drew, Reggie) Friday session attendance required*

Session 1 Monday 1st May, Summary - Laura

Session 2 Wednesday 3rd May, Summary - Drew

Session 3 Friday 5th May, Summary - Reggie 

Session 4 Sunday 7th May, Breathe 5:00pm AEST into Share Space

Week 6: Ru & Ry

Session 1 Monday 8th May, Education

Session 2 Wednesday 10th May, Education

Session 3 Friday 12th May, Q&A (optional)

Session 4 Sunday 14th May, Breathe 5:00pm AEST into Share Space

Week 7 & 8

Private 1:1 Integration call 

Group Integration call


We are ready, so are you.
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