The C2BC Water Bottle

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This bottle is Big, Bold, and Beautiful, and it carries a powerful message and the C2BC energy with it.


- 2.2L of high vibe liquid fits in this beauty
- Weight is heavy-ish
- Sexy dark brown colour with white print
- Handy handle for carrying
- Affirmation reminder to BE THE LOVE. BE THE FUN!
- Looks super cool

The importance of moving from plastic to glass bottles is a no brainer! Invest in your water bottle, love it, drink the nectar, flourish like a flower.

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The C2BC BOTTLE highlights the importance of water and hydration for the human body.

Our human vessel is more than 60% water, making it important to think about when optimising our body and living a more conscious life.

The BOTTLE holds just over 2L of water meaning you won’t be running out often and can stay topped up throughout your day at all times.


The most important thing is to have a high quality water source in your BOTTLE. Tap water doesn’t cut it. Most city water systems are cleaned with harmful chemicals such as bromine, chlorine, and fluoride a massive no go if you are wanting to have healthy functioning cells, and maintain a high vibration.

C2BC recommends sourcing a spring water source and ONLY drinking water from here. Most locations will have a spring water business that will do delivery with the large 15L water drums. This plays a huge part in overall health. If you are currently on tap water you will feel a massive change when you make the switch.

*If you don’t have access to spring water a reverse osmosis water filtration system is the next best option as it pulls out these chemicals.