Did you know we breathe up to 23,000+ times per day, without realising it?

When we understand that our breath alters our whole physiology and biology, things get exciting...

In short most of us feel breathless or out of breath due to high amounts of anxiety and or stress. We have assisted over tens of thousands of people with removing that, recorrecting breathing fundamental's in turn increasing life quality and overall health.

Breathwork is a tool when used consciously to alter our state, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The mind when full and messy creates anxiety, depression and uncertainty. This is what we experience and feel in our body as the tight chest, headaches, irritation and all round discomfort.

When we switch the mind off using the breath though breathwork techniques, we physically alter our brainwave state and induce a meditative/healing state.

This is where we find connection to our intuition, feel grounded, happier, healthier and more energised.


- Regulation of the nervous system (feeling more calm and in control).

- Detoxification of your body from pollutants we consume through our environment and foods.

- Closing the loop on trauma (freeing your mind and body from past experiences).

- Creativity, fires up neural pathways that allow more expansive and creative thinking.

This list is endless..