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Accredited Cool 2Be Conscious Breathwork & Meditation Practitioners

Karwun: "Never in my experience has life been so clear. Never have my passions felt so rewarding, food tasted so good, nor life felt so enriching.

This practitioner training camp has gifted me a second family. The beautiful ability to express love and truth from my heart, and a place and people to express/show raw vulnerability too without judgment.

The love and gratitude I feel towards Ryan, Cool 2 Be Consious, facilitators and practitioners cannot be justly articulated by words.

For the remembering of how to walk this Earth with love, vulnerability and grace I thank you.

Elle: "My experience with Cool2beconscious was the perfect opportunity to fully embark on my self healing journey. Truly life changing. I always used to think to myself, ‘surely this can’t be it? there has to be more to life?’

This movement and existing practitioners showed me how good it can get, why it gets to be enjoyable, how to action creating my reality and guided me so beautifully back to myself. I found community, like minded people, life long friends, mentors and love. I found love in all of the parts of me that I saw in others, and all of the parts of them within me. Love for life, nature, the earth, food, connection, people and most importantly me.

I feel as if I can never repay those who have helped me along the way, and then I’m reminded of the love that is in me, and being felt by others, rippling outwards will find the hearts of those who guided and held me. I am forever grateful for the way my life has transformed, and it’s only just beginning. I found home within myself and my body, and that is the ultimate experience and gift". - Ell W