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Cool 2Be Conscious Breathwork & Meditation Practitioner

We offer 20 spots per training program twice a year.


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Learn from C2BC founder Ryan Hubbard, alongside Holistic Psychologist Laura Corcoran, Addiction specialist Drew Wild and energetics / somatic awareness coach Reggie Ra. Developing deeper self awareness before learning all things Breathwork & facilitation


Be it for individual development or professional development to add to your existing offerings this training will provide diverse education, experience and knowledge to implement throughout all aspects of your life.


Comprehensive 10 week online program led by founder Ryan and 3 other embodied specialists

4 night/5 day camp

Ongoing support via C2BC Practitioner Page

Website feature for all current practitioners

Ongoing monthly online zoom calls

Opportunities to assist at major C2BC events across Aus and NZ, and represent C2BC in schools, gyms and corporate spaces


Develop self awareness and learn holistic practices to assist yourself and/or your clients that create long lasting transformation.

Develop your own understanding around breath science and physiology, the nervous system and how stress and trauma create behaviours and patterns in our lives.

Learn about functional breathing and how to optimise our own & clients breathing patterns. Promoting better sleep quality, sports performance & cognitive function.


Keep learning with lifetime access to C2BC future trainings, by receiving live stream recordings and educational material.

Be seen as a representing practitioner for one of Australia's largest wellness movements.

Have the unique opportunity to apply for one of our paid roles as a C2BC Stillness Practitioner. We have communities running across Australia and soon to be Nz.


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50 + Hours Of Online Training (recorded & always accessible)

A diverse range of specialists

50+ hours of hands on training

Investment starts from $6500 AUD.
Payment plans are available

NOTE. Certification is not guaranteed, all students must meet the standard of requirement to become featured and recognised as a C2BC practitioner. 


The Cool 2be Conscious facilitator training was one of the most important few months of my life. From the moment the training began I felt very supported and excited knowing that we had access to the best resources and material on the topic of breath work and meditation. C2BC created a family like environment, where we built deep and meaningful connections with like minded people. The practical exercises opened my eyes and gave me the confidence I needed to take the next step on my journey. After the facilitator training I went on to lead the Gold Coast Stillness community which I’ve been doing for almost 2 years. This has been the most fulfilling and rewarding two years of my life, making so many new connections that even lead to a totally new career in health and wellness. I’ve had the opportunity to work and teach breathwork at the number one global health retreat, this would not have been possible without the knowledge and support I receive from the facilitator training. I now feel like for the first time in my life I’m living in alignment with my True purpose. I have a beautiful life now, one that I am excited for every day. Thank you C2BC for the support guidance and knowledge, let the journey continue.

- Leon Bragg

For me, the Cool 2be Conscious training was so much more than just a practitioner training.  I felt an incredibly strong pull to be part of this movement from the moment I stepped into my first Stillness Session, and I am forever grateful that I trusted this because it’s lead to one of the most profound journeys of my life. Initially I thought i’d learn some information about breathwork and cold exposure and be on my way, however I was very wrong! It was a deep journey towards understanding myself and expanding in so many areas of my life. It challenged me in many ways however on the other side of those challenges was always a breakthrough. Not only do you gain practical tools around the science and physiology, for me the biggest area of growth came from learning to embody these practices over a 12 week period. Perhaps the greatest part of this experience was being supported by a group of incredible like minded practitioners (strangers who soon turned into family) and of course the endless support of Ru and Ry. It’s not often you get the opportunity to understand yourself at the depths this training takes you, and even more so to be supported by an incredible group of 20+ people along the way. Like I said, this is so much more than just a practitioner training, you will come out emerged as a completely new version of you.

- Stephanie Hausler

If you’re reading this, something has been ignited within you. Your curiosity is a magnetic force that is pulling you into one of the most simplest concepts on this planet. Wow! It really is Cool to be Conscious. I believed I was just jumping into a 12 week course to learn about breathing, meditation and ice baths. Golly gosh was I wrong. I along with many others that have come before you have been summoned to begin making an expansive shift on this planet. A shift that starts within all of us individually. I have never invested in anything else that has taught me as much as this has about who I am here to be. This training, this movement has uncovered the opportunity for me to be a practitioner of my life. A conscious soul here to inspire the world. Feel into it. Enjoy the journey!