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Cool 2Be Conscious Whitsundays Yacht Retreat will be an experience like no other.  

This is our most intimate experience, tailored specifically for a small group of 20 people

Retreat Overview

4 Days 3 Nights, on the water of the Whitsundays 

Organic & high-quality food, Breathwork & Meditation practices, ritual's to cultivate presence & restoration, storytelling & intimate connection, freediving & snorkelling, hikes & exploration of remote islands & MORE.

Explore the Whitsundays remote islands all together on an ex race yacht, now equipped with the space to create a wholesome & powerful experience for us all!

4 days of exploration on and off water, of internal and external landscapes that we come across.

This experience is a once in a life time opportunity to create life long friends & memories.

Throughout this journey you will clean and purify energetically, emotionally & physically. You will refuel your body with nourishing organic high-quality foods, whilst connecting with like-minded people.

Let the journey BEGIN!

See you soon!

4 Days 3 Nights , on the water of the Whitsundays 

Organic & high-quality food  

Breathwork & Meditation practices 
Ritual's to cultivate presence & restoration

Storytelling & intimate connection 

Free Diving & Snorkelling 

Hikes & exploration of remote islands

This experience is for you if you want to experience and immerse yourself in 4 days 3 nights of snorkelling, exploring & adventure. You will be joined by 19 others and will share this experience together. Learn about snorkelling, breathwork & sailing, no experience needed.

By registering for a COOL 2BE CONSCIOUS event/session, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older, and that your general health is good.

COOL 2BE CONSCIOUS experiences have been known to create psychological and physiological shifts in the body, including but not limited to raising blood pressure, heart rate, altering blood flow to the brain and inducing a sympathetic nervous system response in the body. We strongly advise against practising COOL 2BE CONSCIOUS breathwork techniques or registering for a COOL 2BE CONSCIOUS experiences, without approval from your medical professional and COOL 2BE CONSCIOUS team, if you have any of the known medical contraindications. Such contraindications conditions include, but are not limited to, cardiovascular disease/condition, heart attack, high blood pressure, strokes,  glaucoma or retinal detachment, recent injury or surgery, panic attacks or psychosis, seizures, epileptic, severe mental illness, aneurysms (or family history), any condition that requires you to take medication that may impact your clarity of mind, physical function and emotional health, or any other serious physical or mental health conditions. We strongly advised that anyone with these medical contraindications or concerns of a medical nature should consult their medical professional before practising breathwork at home or registering for an event. If you do register for an event with the written approval of your medical professional, please inform COOL 2BE CONSCIOUS team prior to registering for an event so we can alter the session accordingly for you. 

Out of precaution we also advice against practising breathwork if you are looking to conceive, are pregnant or are breastfeeding. In saying this the session can be altered for you, so if you would like to attend please consult with your medical professional and inform COOL 2BE CONSCIOUS team prior to attending an event.

Please read the full Terms of Service here before registering.